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 A Petite Tour is a private tour and small group tour operator based in Melbourne. We offer bespoke travel arrangements to travellers who are seeking a more personalised approach and comfort to their travelling experience.


When it comes to travel, some prefer a busy itinerary where they let curiosity to be their guide, others rather explore fewer places at leisurely pace. Everyone is rightly different. That’s why we work with you (the person who knows best about how you like to travel) to create a wonderful holiday experience that is memorable. Through tailor-made trip planning, we place our customers at the centrepiece of each journey.





joy tour melbourne - a petite tourWe use our local knowledge and expertise to customise your vacation, not just a fixed trip itinerary that you either take it or drop it. We will assist you through the whole process, from research and planning to booking and logistics. We want to reduce the hassles you have to go through when planning for a trip on your own, so more time is left to enjoy your holiday!


We offer our tour services through either private tour or small group tour. Whether it is a family trip, travelling with friends or colleagues, or a solo tripper, we wish to be there for you on those delightful moments.


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