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“The Great Ocean Road was the highlight of our trip. We are so well taken care of. We got to see Koala In the wild and parrots, It so happened we see the full rainbow. We were given enough time to see and take pictures at all the places. We had so much fun chatting along the tour.” – Vicky

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Tour Highlights

great ocean road private tour

Great Ocean Road is the most anticipated attraction for many when visiting Melbourne. The 243-kilometre Great Ocean Road has been named one of the most beautiful ocean roads in the world. The journey offers varied sceneries, from splendid coastline, turquoise waters, waves riding surfers, to the serenity of the coastal towns. Traverse through lush Victorian rainforest and be awed by the magnificent nature-made sculptures at 12 Apostles. The Great Ocean Road trip will be an unforgettable experience for you! A Petite Tour dedicates to make your Great Ocean Road tour more special with our two-day Great Ocean Road trip which allows you to explore the hidden attractions and natural beauties day trippers rarely get to see. Stay a night in one of the beautiful seaside town along the coast, enjoy some delicious local food and gaze at the glittering stars that city dwellers can only dream of. Slow down your footsteps and fully indulge in the beautiful and varied natural scenery Great Ocean Road has to offer.

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Tour Itinerary


Great Ocean Road (Day 1)


Get Ready!

Our lovely tour guide will pick you up directly from your hotel in the morning.

Travelling down Southwest towards Geelong, the 2nd largest city in Victoria.


Bells Beach

Bells Beach is a world class surfing beach, every year there are multiple surfing competitions held here. This spot is particularly popular with local surfers on weekends


Split Point Lighthouse

Split Point Lighthouse was first built in 1891 and later converted to automatic operation in 1919. While it was in manual mode, there were three keepers stationed in charge of its daily operations. The original Fresnel lens made in the UK are still being used today in the lighthouse, however these lens have long since ceased production because the factory that produced the lens was destroyed during the war, making these lens rarities and very dear to replace. The lighthouse is 34 meters tall and has a total of 132 stairs. The light emitted from the lighthouse can reach up to 37 kilometres!


Fairhaven Beach


The mirror look-like FairHaven is the longest stretch of beach near Airey Inlet along Great Ocean Road, The wide soft-sand beach and slender coastline provide you with unrivalled natural scenery . Feel free to walk barefoot and leave your footprints behind on the sand. You will often catch a glimpse of local surfers and fishing enthusiasts here.


Memorial Arch at Eastern View – Great Ocean Road Sign

How to prove that you have been to Great Ocean Road? Take your Great Ocean Road photo at Eastern View Memorial Arch! The plan to build the Great Ocean Road traced back to 1880s, but it was not until the end of World War I that the Great Ocean Road Foundation was founded, headed by then Geelong Mayor Alderman Hitchcock, the foundation started fund-raising to build the Great Ocean Road in August 1918. The returning veterans from the First World War were deployed to build Great Ocean Road, hence Great Ocean Road is an eternal memorial to all the sacrifices Australian soldiers made during the First World War. The sheer size of construction was not completed until November 1932. With the absence of modern machinery, the workers relied heavily on manual labour during the enduring construction process,  thus Great Ocean Road’s  allure lies both in its historic significance and natural beauty.


Lunch – Lorne or Apollo Bay

You can choose to stay overnight either in Apollo Bay or Port Campbell for your 2-day Great Ocean Road tour, we will arrange our lunch stop in Lorne or Apollo Bay accordingly.

Both Apollo Bay and Port Campbell are very popular with tourists, Apollo Bay has relatively more restaurants. Either you crave for some fresh fish and chips, or indulge in Asian delicacies, both towns will satisfy your taste buds. “The Bottle of Milk” in the township of Lorne is quite popular and delicious. Whereas Apollo Bay offers some of the freshest seafood along Great Ocean Road. Our friendly driver-cum-guide will recommend restaurants based on your preferences.


Kennett River – Koala in the Wild


Want to sight koalas? No need to visit a zoo. You can spot native koalas on Great Ocean Road, Kennett River has commonly been known as the easiest place to find koalas in Australia. Watch koalas nesting on eucalyptus trees and if you are lucky, watch them dining eucalyptus leaves. Compared to koalas in northern Australia, Victoria’s koalas are larger and have thicker hair. They are terrific tree climbers and stay on the trees most of the time. Adult koalas can eat up to 400 grams of leaves a day. They intake water and fibre from the leaves of eucalyptus trees. However, those leaves have very little nutritional value, coupled with koala’s low body fat, hence they need to nibble continuously. Adult koalas are 60-80 cm in height and weigh 4-16 kg. As eucalyptus tree leaves contain toxin, koalas have no other food competing opponents in nature, they sleep between 16-20 hours a day which is a good way for them to preserve the energy in their body.


Cape Patton Lookout

Cape Patton is one of the magnificent lookout spots on Great Ocean Road, located between Kennett River and Apollo Bay. Look afar from the viewing platform, you will enjoy the beautiful views of slender coastline and rolling green hills along Great Ocean Road. This is one of the most instagrammable spots on Great Ocean Road.


Dinner – Apollo Bay or Port Campbell

Apollo Bay is the largest town en route to 12 Apostles, there are many restaurants in town and a wide range of facilities for tourists and residents. Dining options range from fresh fish & chips and mouth-watering pizzas, to Chinese and Japanese cuisines to choose from. If you are staying at Airbnb accomodation, the local supermarket has all the fresh cooking ingredients and drinks. In summer, the town comes alive at night with a fully-fledged amusement park set up on the lawn, a great place for families to hang out after dinner.

Port Campbell is located towards the end of Great Ocean Road, it is quieter than Apollo Bay, but the view at the Port Campbell pier is nothing short of amazing. If you choose to stay overnight at Port Campbell, you will have the opportunity to watch one of the most beautiful sunset in Victoria at 12 Apostles, the shorter travel distance on the 2nd day will also make the trip more slowly paced.

When book your Great Ocean Road two-day private tour, please tell us your chosen town to stay overnight on Great Ocean Road, i.e. Apollo Bay or Port Campbell.


Twelve Apostles (Day 2)

Twelve Apostles is the most famous attraction on Great Ocean Road. Although the name suggests 12 huge limestone stacks, there are not exactly 12 pieces, we will keep this little secret until you reach here. These magnificent limestone stacks vary in size and height, formed over millions of years of strong wind and seawater erosion. Be amazed by these natural sculptures! The “Twelve Apostles” attraction was historically named “Sow and Piglets,” and her name was later changed to “Twelve Apostles” because of the evolving landscape which also reflected locals’ belief in Christianity at the time. The spectacular scenery at Twelve Apostle is truely memorable and it boasts the most beautiful sunset in Victoria and is popular with photography enthusiasts. Under the sea surface, there is a robust marine ecosystem, with creatures, such as: sea fish and seahorses.


The Arch

There are two viewing platforms at The Arch, At the first viewing point, you will be amazed by seawater surging through the rock-formed arches, strong rapids suddenly swell and descend in the enclosed limestone formations. At the larger viewing platform, visitors will be delighted by the wide panoramic views of the Great Ocean Road coastline. It is approximately 320 meters from the parking lot.


London Bridge

London Bridge, also known as the London Arch, was originally a two-arched, naturally formed limestone bridge connecting the current London Bridge to the mainland. Initially tourists were allowed to walk freely between today’s London Bridge and mainland via the arching bridge. However, on January 15 1990, the arch bridge connecting the mainland unexpectedly collapsed. There were two tourists Kelly Harrison and David Darrington stranded on the separated limestone block at the time. Luckily they were later rescued by police helicopters.

This is a strong wind area with wide and sweeping beach at the base of the cliff. It is also known for catching a glimpse of little penguins after sunset.

We recommend our guests to visit London Bridge on our two-day Great Ocean Road trip, as there may not be enough time for Great Ocean Road day tour.


The Grotto

A short drive past the peaceful town of Peterborough, you will arrive at The Grotto. The name originates from Italian “Grotta” which translates to “cave”. The unique limestone are formed thanks to the accumulation of rainwater on the limestones, over time the weak acidity in the water sinks into the surface of limestones, combined with the plants on the surface which gradually turn the weak acid into strong acid. This strong acid causes erosion of the limestones, as a result it creates a volcanic and stratified scenery. A sizeable cave has been formed at the bottom of the limestones as seawater had constantly washed away against it for millions of years.


Lunch – Port Campbell

The tranquil seaside town of Port Campbell becomes bustling at lunchtime. There are a number of restaurants you can choose from, the most popular one is 12 Rocks Beach Bar Cafe. The restaurant is located just a stone away from the beach. Through the big glass windows, you will enjoy beautiful scenery of Port Campbell beach and pier. In addition, there are fish and chips, pizza and other restaurants / cafes to satisfy your appetite.


Lord Ard Gorge

Walk down the wooden stairway that leads down to Loch Ard Gorge. Admire the beautiful sandy beach and limestone caves. However a tragic historic event unfolded here in June 1878, a sailing ship named “Loch Ard” departed England to Melbourne. Unfortunately the ship crashed into the nearby Muttonbird Island, the ill-fated Loch Ard had already traveled for 3 months and soon about to reach its planned destination. Of the 54 passengers and crews on board at the time, there were only two survivors from the ship wreck. 15-year-old sailboat apprentice, Tom Pearce and Eva Carmichael who immigrated to Melbourne with her family from Ireland. Tom managed to rescue Eva from the water and climbed out of the gorge before getting assistance from locals. Shortly after their recovery, the Irish girl had decided to return back home. Whereas Tom had stayed in Australia and deemed by the locals as a hero. Hence the locals had named the site “Lord Ard Gorge” to commemorate this unforgettable historical event.

Anecdote: When Eva Carmichael and Tom Pearce were rescued from the ship wreck, they stayed in the cottage of Hugh Gibson who later built the Gibson Steps.


Island Archway

The Island Archway is made of two towering limestone stacks, the two limestone pieces used to be connected over the top and formed the shape of an archway. However, due to the extreme weather conditions and rain erosion, in June 2009, the “archway” linking the two huge limestone rock formations collapsed, leaving two separate limestone stacks of approximately 25 meters in height , Slow down your steps and enjoy the beautiful views off the cliffs, at sunset its grace comes to light. The unique natural environment at Great Ocean Road is also changing its landscape gradually.




Past Island Archway, another 250 meters walk, you will reach The Razorback. This huge limestone block has been washed away by sea for thousands of years into a slender, towering standalone natural giant sculpture, it looks like a razor’s back from the sky. The repetitive process of sea erosion and ocean waves had gradually chipped away the right side of The Razorback. In addition, the unique weather has made various unique shapes on top of The Razorback, like caved out by an skilful artist. The walk trail along the attractions allows you to admire the beautiful scenery from different angles.


Gibson Steps

great ocean road private driver

Stand at the Gibson Steps lookout, overlook the beautiful coastline. The Gibson Steps were originally made of wood and built by local settler Hugh Gibson, mainly for the then indigenous Australians, Kirrae Whurrong to have access down to the beach. a total of 86 stone staircase will take you down to the beach where two majestic limestones of up to 70 meters in height stood firmly in the sea, named Magog and Gog. Be astonished by the combination of magnificent waves, wide open ocean and steep limestone cliffs. Enjoy a whiff of fresh sea breeze and be pampered by the soft fine sand, emerge yourself in the true coastal nature!


Home, Sweet Home!


Good Bye Great Ocean Road.

After an eventful day of natural sensation and delightful meal.

This is the time for you to lay back and relax.

We would travel back to Melbourne CBD through inland via Colac. The travel time is approximately 3 hours.

Extra options for your Tour:

See 12 Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge and London Bridge from helicopter high up in the sky. Be mesmerised by the spectacular coastline.

Cost: $145 AUD per person

Duration: 15 minutes

No need to book in advance

Experience Otway Treetop Adventure, you not only can walk on the 600 meter long, 25 meter-high elevated walkway in the middle of the rainforest, but also try out the only Ziplining tour in Victoria, 30 meters above the ground.

For more information, please see

Suggested activity time:

Treetop walk: 1 hour

Zipline Tour: 2.5 hours

Teddy’s Lookout, located on the back mountain of seaside town Lorne, the lookout overlooks the winding coastal road at the foot of hills along Great Ocean Road. A blend of dark blue and turquoise ocean waters makes it a fantastic photo spot at all times. A stone’s throw away, at the side of the viewing platform, you will sight the surrounding mountains densely covered by lush Victorian rainforest.

Recommended Time: 5-10 minutes

Maits Rest is one of the best places on Great Ocean Road to discover Victoria’s gorgeous inland rainforest, located 20 minutes west of Apollo Bay, the dense fern trees and more than 300 years old national heritage – Myrtle Beech trees will make you think you are deep in the Amazon jungle. If you are lucky, you may spot gray kangaroos, koalas, wallabies and other cute creatures here; at night Maits Rest is a great spot on Great Ocean Road to watch glowing worms. If you enjoy rainforest walk or a meditation hobbyist, the forest will unleash your inner Zen and bring serenity to your soul.

Time required: approximately 30 minutes

Trail distance: 800 meters

Bay of Island is located further down Great Ocean Road, a relatively smaller crowd pays a visit here, but it does not comprise a tad on the splendour of Great Ocean Road. the two viewing areas offer 270 degree panorama of towering limestone stacks and sheer cliffs in the cerulean Southern Ocean, enjoy the spectacular ocean views and cool breeze on Great Ocean Road.

The viewing platforms are located approx. 150 meters from the parking lot.

Apostle Whey Cheese is located inland and en route back to Melbourne. It is open daily from 8am to 5pm. The cheese tasting experience will allow you taste all the freshly-produced cheeses right here on the farm, the cheese farm also sells fresh milk (for your next day breakfast!) and yummy ice creams. Between March and April, and July to September, you may spot new-born calves in the herd.

For The Avid Readers

Great Ocean Road is located on the south west of Melbourne. It is ranked as one of the best ocean drives both in Australia and in the world. Built by returned World War I veterans in early 1900s. Great Ocean Road is one of the must-sees in Australia. It offers a diverse scenery along the journey, from magnificent coastal ocean views, lush Victorian rainforest to restful stopover towns, such as: Lorne and Apollo Bay which provide local residents and tourists with communal beach and other amenities, these towns also hold various festivals throughout the year, e.g. Great Ocean Road marathon.

Towards end of the Great Ocean Road, come to admire the splendid “natural sculptures” – Twelves Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge and London Bridge limestone stack formations. Indulge in the breathtaking views and refreshing breeze, merge with the gorgeous Australian nature.