How To Book Private Tour


Enquire Now

Book a private tour with us, as simple as Step 1, 2, 3

We will ensure that all enquiries are answered within 24 hours.


Get In Touch With Us

Melbourne tour planning

Contact us either via email or messaging apps about your travel plan.

If you already have an itinerary, our friendly staff will review it and make our suggestion if applicable.

If you don’t have any plan, tell us what you like or fill out our “Customise Your Tour” form, we will recommend an itinerary that is right for you.


Make A Deposit & Provide Us Details

Once you have confirmed on an itinerary that you are pleased with, make a deposit for your planned itinerary (generally 20% of total trip cost).

You can choose to make the deposit via the below methods,

  • Australian local bank transfer (Electronic Fund Transfer, no transaction cost)
  • Inernational Telegraphic Transfer (Transfer cost to be borne by Transferor)
  • Credit Card Payment or Paypal via Paypal Link (Most popular method, 3.9% transaction cost)

Please notify our staff your choice of deposit payment method,

If you choose local bank transfer or international wire transfer, our staff will provide our bank account information.

If you choose to pay by credit card or Paypal, our staff will send a payment link to your email inbox.

In addition, please provide us with the below information,

  • Lead Traveller’s Name:
  • Your contact number in Melbourne: (it is ok if it’s an overseas number)
  • Your Hotel Name and Address:
  • Your Flight Date / Time / Flight Number (if applicable)
  • Number of Travellers in Total:
  • Number of Children and their Respective Age (we will arrange child safety child if applicable)
  • Your Desired Ticket Types


Review Itinerary & Enjoy Your Trip

Melbourne family tour

After we have received your deposit and the above information, we will send your itinerary to your inbox. Review it and let us know if there is anything you would like to change before your trip.

Then welcome to Melbourne and enjoy your trip!