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Melbourne Public Transport


No matter you are visiting Melbourne or new to the city, it is important to be able to navigate around the city. We have prepared the following information to facilitate your travel planning process in Melbourne.


Melbourne offers the following four types of public transportation.



Advantage: Train travels fast as distance between each station is relatively long and cars have to give way to trains.

Disadvantage: Waiting time may be long during off-peak hours and it can get crowded during peak hours.



Advantage: Unique to Melbourne, its 250 kms of tram track makes it the largest urban tram network in the world. The distance between each stop is shorter than train which shortens your walking distance during your journey.

Disadvantage: Tram travels relatively slow, it often shares its track with cars and stops frequently at traffic lights.

You can check tram timetable or search for nearby tram stops via the TramTrack mobile app.

It's free to travel on trams in Melbourne CBD area.




Advantage: Bus has wide coverage areas, it has many route options and it traverses through a lot of residential areas across Melbourne. it's a good option if you are visiting a friend or relative in a residential area.

Disadvantage: Bus may not be the fastest option in suburban areas, there are fewer bus services at night and their operating hours are generally shorter than train and tram. 

We recommend to use Google Map or the official Public Transport Victoria app to navigate and plan your journey.


A Myki card is required to travel onboard of all public transport in Melbourne. A Myki card can be obtained at any train station, or most of convenience stores and supermarkets across Victoria. Myki card can be used on bus, tram and train trips across Melbourne and V-line services (Victoria's intra-state long distance train services ).

If our customers need Myki cards for your travel. A Petite Tour is happy to purchase it on your behalf and pass them to you either at airport pick-up point or on our tour (a deposit is required).




It is a bit more expensive. It is more economical if you are catching a cab with other friends together. If you need taxi service, you can either call 13 2227 or download the Uber/ 13 Cabs mobile apps.