Yarra Valley Day Tour

Yarra Valley Day Tour

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Destination Description


Mount Dandenong is a national park located 35 km east of Melbourne CBD, it is a popular tourist attraction thanks to its lush rainforest and mountainous environment. There are a number of gorgeous gardens on the mountain, the most famous ones are National Rhododendron Gardens and William Ricketts Sanctuary, surrounded by a number of orchards and berry farms around Dandenong Ranges, making it one of the favourite tourism spots near Melbourne.  Its 633 meters above sea-level observatory offers a spectacular view of the nearby areas and Melbourne city.

Yarra Valley is a winery region located 45 km east of Melbourne CBD, the region has Yarra River flows across it, its relatively cool climate has made it suitable for wine making, as a result, a thriving wine sector has been established in the region with more than 100 wineries. Yarra Valley offers a wide varieties of wine to suit your palate. The region is well-known for shiraz, sparkling wine, chardonnay and pinot noir. In addition, this region boasts of some of the best restaurants in Victoria, you can enjoy delicious food made from organic produce sourced locally complimented with a glass of silky red wine.



  • Puffing Billy - steam train that travels through Dandenong Ranges’s forests and fern gullies, first opened in 1900.
  • Healesville Sanctuary - is a zoo located in the Healesville region in Victoria that specialises in native Australian animals, e.g. Kangaroo, Koala and Platypus.
  • Yarra Valley Wineries - wine tasting at some of the best vineyards in Victoria and enjoy the natural beauty of Yarra Valley.
  • Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery - delicious chocolate store that offers plenty of chocolate and ice cream for tasting and purchase.
  • Skyhigh Mt Dandenong - is the highest point in the surrounding area, it offers fantastic view over the greater Melbourne region and is a wonderful sunset watching spot.

Travel Schedule

Depart at 08:45 AM and return at 7:30 PM

Free Melbourne CBD pick-up and drop-off on tour date

A minimum of 5 participants are required to confirm a tour, once five participants have been confirmed, individual booking can be accepted until a tour is fully booked.


Tour Cost

$180 per adult

$155 per child ($140 on weekends)


Friendly Reminder Before Your Trip

  • Warm jacket as it's quite windy on the mountain top and if case of weather change.
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • If you wants to purchase a bottle of wine for personal indulgence, please ensure you are enjoying it on private premises as consumption of alcohol in public is prohibited in Victoria. 


  • Transportation costs
  • Travel guide fees
  • Mt Dandenong National Park entry fee
  • Skyhigh Mt Dandenong entry fee
  • Puffing Billy train ticket
  • Healesville Sanctuary admission ticket

Please note that we are not liable for meal and drink costs, wine tasting costs (if applicable) or any cost you may incur for any activity that is not included in this tour.